Terms and return policy

Fragmentation during shipping

Our Top Hat For Sale team is highly cautious when packing to ensure safety and avoid damages when shipping. In some countries, import products are inspected thoroughly and thoroughly by the customs department. However, it has also been reported that poor re-packaging on customs sites can cause damage because of the inexperience of customs personnel. That’s why before packing the items and handing them to couriers, make sure to take photographs of the item in its final state and send them to our customers to prove that there is no defect ‘ at the time of shipping. Naturally, we do not take responsibility for any mishandling by customs staff during the inspection or inadequate re-packing.

Faults and Damages

All defects and damages need to be immediately reported within 48 hours of the date of delivery of the order.

Manufacturing Failure

We pay concentration to the quality of our product and ensure there’s no quality problem or manufacturing defect. That’s why we send pictures of the finished product to the customer before packaging and shipping. If there’s any manufacturing defect, you must inform us within 48 hours of the time you have received the item.

Return Policy

We will not accept the return of Items damaged by mishandling by custom staff and inadequate re-packaging after an inspection. If the image of your product we send to you before packing is not defective (we do not use photoshop or fake), then the damage will most likely result from the custom and courier in the shipping process. We cannot be held responsible for damage generated by transit and do not accept claims or returns for such damages or items. The defect (manufacturing) needs to be reported within 48 hours of the date of receipt and must be sent to us to receive the item within 15 days of the time of reporting the manufacturing defect.

The wrong size

We do not accept returns on the wrong sizes that you have ordered.

False Measurements

We won’t accept returns for incorrect measurements.

Update in Shipping Address

After a Product has been returned to the address specified in the order, any additional costs will be charged to the purchaser if the buyer wishes to ship the item to a different address. No Claim Period We will not accept any claim or damage discovered after 15 days from the date the items have been received.