Men’s Leather Top Hat

Buy a Men’s Leather Top Hat and join a long tradition of refined rebellion. Our collection of attractive men’s top hats includes high-grade leather top hats, straw hats, and even mesh hats that would have blown the socks off of any of those people today. Leather Top hats have long been a symbol of wealth, confidence, and non-conformism. This style brings a suave, devil-may-care attitude to any occasion.
Men’s Leather Top Hat are a perfect choice for those who live by their own rules. They are a go-to choice for anyone looking for bold steampunk hats for men. Our steampunk top hat is a pioneer of the intricate lifestyle. In fact, in our men’s black hats collection, you will find everything from sleek, minimalist styles to embellished, edgy statement pieces. With one switch of a hatband, our men’s blacktop hats can go from the perfect cosplay costume accessory to magical voodoo top hats for a festival or upcoming Mardi Gras party. Some of our hats even have embossed or dyed patterns for an even stronger statement that will never go out of style.
To make our top hats, we use traditional felt and more unconventional materials – with our creative twist – to bring you a selection with a truly contemporary feel.
We combined the stylish flare of a men’s top hat silhouette with the approachable simplicity of our men’s cowboy hats to bring you straw top hats. They’re the perfect choice for anyone looking to stand out while staying true to their roots. With your choice of the white top hat, purple top hat, brown top hat, blue top hat, tiny top hat, tall top hat, or if you want a Slash top hat, believe me, we got it, I checked myself. Many of our hats are inspired by Victorian top hats, but inspiration is taken with a grain of salt.